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Wine & Cheese
Come visit us and taste!    The combination of cheeses and wines originated in France and toured the world as the perfect combination. It is a sophisticated matching of flavors and textures, which enhances the flavor of the wine and gives personality to the cheeses and cold. And vice versa.It is said that hard rind cheeses are best harmonized with red wines, fresh cheeses goes better with white wines.The more creamy cheese, the greater must be the acidity of the wine to the perfect combination of flavors. Cheese with spices At Doce Tentação Coffee Sh..
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Handmade Cakes
Chocolate Cake Roses -- Doce Tentaação Coffee Shop    There's no person in the world who may say that doesn't enjoy a good piece of cake! It can be a simple carrot one, or a complex praline chocolate cake, however there will always be someone fighting for it last piece.   This sweet delicacy is world best dessert ever and there's those whose will always have at least one piece a day with a good cup of coffee.    At Doce Tentação Coffee Shop you'll find the most delicious handmade cakes! Be..
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Handmade Truffles & Sweets
Gourmet Brigadeiro in pots at Doce Tentação Coffee Shop What's so special about chocolates anyways? "Food Of The Gods", it is what means the greek term Theobroma, the baptism name of chocolate first at XVIII century, and it says it all. It's hard to find a person who doesn't feel mouthwatering in front of delicious chocolates truffles or sweets.  At Doce Tentação Coffee Shop, you'll find a great variety of most delicious sweets and chocolates handmade truffles that are outrageously delicious. From milk chocolate to ..
Homemade Jelly
    Jellies go well with everything from toast, crackers, breads, cakes, ice cream until combined with savory dishes such as meats, cheeses, salads and pancakes. They are mostly found in the sweet version, but may also be savory, made ​​with ingredients like tomato, pepper and herbs.  In Doce Tentação you'll find the best homemade jams, they are delicious! Dispensing artificial preservatives, flavor gain our jellies, and contrary to what many people think, the homemade jam not spoil as fast; the sugar (natural or fruit added) is a natural preserv..
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